Meet Gianna


Meet the biggest Dipped-Cone Enthusiast: Gianna Turek.  She holds the ultimate passion for this one of a kind, tasty treat. 

The story all began from one 30-hour road trip from her hometown Chicago to attend the University of Arizona. As a pick me up, she would purchase a Dipped Cone at the halfway point each 10 hour day.

Many obstacles tried to withhold her college location intentions. Thus, the small, exceptionally tasty Dipped Cone meant something more.  This treat became her little source of happiness but simultaneously symbolized her empowerment to keep going and pursue her end goal in mind. 

Now, she wants to promote this same feeling of good spirits and empowerment with everyone. She has started the #GetDipped trend to encourage others to embrace one another's company, share goals, and indulge in the happiness the little cone evokes! Dipped wants to have an impact on your ice cream experience. 

What are you waiting for? Grab a friend, #GetDipped, and share your story. Never had a Dipped Cone before? It is time to cross it off the bucket list.

Follow Gianna's journey one cone at a time as she travels through life fueled to inspire others.  She hopes to be #Dipped across the world, blogging about the people she's met, and encouraging the #GetDipped trend. All it takes is one little source of empowerment to achieve your wildest dreams.

Oh, and don't forget to explore this website before your dipped cone melts...